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Privacy Policy and the use of “cookies”

I. “cookies”

1. The Seller applies the “cookies” (so-called. “Cookies”), which during use by customers from the website Online Store, are stored by the server vendors on the hard disk terminal client.
2. The use of “cookies” is to correct operation of the Web Site Online Store terminal equipment customers.
3. This mechanism does not damage the terminal equipment of the customer and does not change the configuration of client terminal devices or software installed on these devices.
4. Each customer can change the Web browser settings deciding on the use of “cookies”. Seller indicates that the exclusion of “cookies” can, however, cause inconvenience or prevent the use of the Online Store.
5. “cookies” are used to:
5.1. bring the content of websites Online Store to customer preferences and to optimize the use of websites; in particular, these files allow you to recognize the client device and properly display the web page tailored to their individual needs;
5.2. produce statistics that help to understand how customers benefit from web pages, which allows improving their structure and content;
5.3. maintain client session.
6. In the context of this Online Store, the following types of “cookies”:
6.1. “Performance,” “cookies” to enable the collection of information about how to use the website Online Store;
6.2. “Functional” “cookies” for the “remember” setting selected by the customer and the customer to personalize the interface, eg. In terms of the language or region from which the customer, font size, appearance thrones web, etc .;
6.3. “Advertisement” “cookies” to enable to provide customers with more advertising content tailored to their interests.
7. Seller informs that limit the use of “cookies” may affect some of the functionality available in the Online Store.


1. The administrator of your personal information within the meaning of the Act on the Protection of personal data is Strategy Med headquarters in Przemysl Street. 3 Maja 19 (37-700 Przemyśl), Nip 7952195405, Regon 360838550, e-mail: info@Strategy-med.pl; Phone number: 785934973.
2. Database Clients Online Store has been reported to the Chief Inspector for Personal Data Protection.
3. In the framework of the provision of electronic services requiring personal data, the Seller is entitled, pursuant to art. 18 paragraph. 1 of the Act on electronic services, for processing your personal information needed to create and shape the content, amend or terminate the Purchase Agreement and only for the proper implementation of this Agreement.
4. In the event the Seller messages about the use by customers of the Online Store in a manner inconsistent with the law or the Rules, the Seller may process personal data of customers and to the extent necessary to determine the liability of the customer.
5. Seller may process the following personal data of customers:
5.1. first name and last name;
5.2. address;
5.3. e-mail address;
5.4. Delivery address Goods ordered if it is not the same as your residence,
5.5. Date of birth;
5.6. Phone number.
6. The Seller defines personal data Customers whose application is necessary for the conclusion of the Sales Agreement. Providing personal data is voluntary, however refusal to provide personal data necessary for the conclusion of sales results in the inability to conclusion of that Agreement.
7. Seller can also process the following data describing how to use the Customer Online Store (operating data):
7.1. markings identifying the customer assigned on the basis of the data referred to in paragraph. 5 of this paragraph;
7.2. denotations identifying the telecommunications network or computer system, which was used by customer;
7.3. Information about the start, end and scope every time you use this Online Store;
7.4. information about using the Customer Online Store.
8. Filling the information obligation referred to in Article. 20 paragraph. 1 point 2 of the Act on electronic services, the Seller informs that cares about the safety of personal data, as evidenced by the fact that the implementation of organizational and technical measures comply with the provisions on the protection of personal data, in particular the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the implementing regulations to this Act . In addition, the connection to the Web Store is encrypted using SSL.
9. The customer has the right to inspect their personal data, request their changes and removal. Customers with Customer Account in the Online Store realize this right through your Customer Account. If you use this Online Store by the Customer, who founded the Customer Account, the customer realizes this right by sending a statement to the following e-mail Sellers: info@Strategy-med.pl
10. Seller protects passed his personal information and makes every effort to protect them from unauthorized access or use.
11. Personal data shall be made available to other entities to the extent necessary for the implementation of the Sales Agreement, ie.
11.1. AlleKurier sp. O.o. ul. Myczkowski 45, 30-198 Kraków
11.2. Headquarters Polish Post SA, ul. Spanish families 8, 00-940 Warszawa
11.3. GLOBAL EXPRESS SP. With O.O. ul. Wagonowa 18, 02-223 Warsaw.
11.4. Allegro SA, ul.Grunwaldzka 182, 60-166 Poznan
11.5. Stripe, Inc.185 Berry Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, California
11.6. PayPal (Europe) S.à amp; & Cie S.C. with its registered office at L-1150 Luxembourg

12. Personal data may be made available to the judicial authorities and other state authorities for their legitimate request.
13. Seller may, pursuant to art. 31 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, entrust the processing of your personal information to third parties, in particular providers of hosting services.
14. Providing personal data is voluntary, and the customer can choose whether and to what extent he wants to use the services of vendors and share information about yourself. Provide personal Sellers is a voluntary decision of the customer and can unsubscribe at any time and delete your account in whole or in part.
15. Seller reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy and the use of “cookies” by posting the new Privacy Policy and the use of “cookies” on the website of the Online Store.