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Juvederm Ultra 2


Information about Juvederm Ultra 2:
Juvederm Ultra 2 is a preparation for filling the average depth of wrinkles enriched with anesthetic lidocaine
injection site.


  • It contains 24 mg of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and 3 mg of lidocaine hydrochloride.
  • Injected into the medium layer of the skin will allow us to fill the average depth of wrinkles such as: nasal folds
    labial, marionette lines, lion’s wrinkles and also can be used in lip contouring treatments. Thanks
    presence of lidocaine provides patients with less painful surgery and a better experience from the office visit a
    the doctors who perform the procedure have greater comfort of administration.
  • The preparation has the form of a physiological non-animal gel, cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Juvederm Ultra is a preparation
    highly sterile. The gel is subject to steam sterilization, whereas the disposable needles present in the packaging are subject to sterilization
    through gamma radiation. The package contains two syringes, needles, ultras and labels necessary for the doctor and
    the patient.


Volume                                  0,55 ml

Number of ampoules      2 ampułkostrzykawki

Czas realizacji:                         3-14 dni roboczych

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Selling item:
1 pack Juvederm Ultra 2. It contains two 0.55 ml pre-filled syringes

The Juvederm Ultra line is the highest shelf among the fillers available on the market. purchase price
is higher but the highest quality and safety of preparations supported by the largest number of tests is also at the price
clinical and successful millions of treatments carried out around the world.


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